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Senior Advisor

What Happened To Heather ???

Got up this morning - turned on the computer , got my glass of O.J. and sat down  to Watch the Media Center , here on [ A].com , clicked it on and Jeff was on there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I not say'n' that Jeff does a bad job on there , matter of fact , he does OK -- BUT watching Heather on there is like watching the weather chick at night's -- Who cares if it's going to rain , snow , dry weather or what = LMAO  


I say that we protest till they bring back Heather !  LOL

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Veteran Advisor

Re: What Happened To Heather ???



watched a couple of videos --i think was Heather interviewing somebody.............anyway, i can understand why you want her back on.......easy on the eyes..

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Re: What Happened To Heather ???

she has obvious talent.

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