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What about wheat

Hobby reported excellent wheat in his travels

Other growers are reporting very dry conditions

Top soil drifting

Reminds me of dust bowl days the way some describe conditions of 6'-8' soil drifts

I am wondering if that is a small area, or not so small

My question: considering different reports of local conditions, that I read

Is part of the country blessed with water and part, not so much

What do folks say that know more than myself, about the majority of wheat acres

In our area, we just did not get very many acres of wheat planted last fall

Location- S.W. Ontario Great Lakes-SRW

We do not grow very much, if any, spring wheat, so weather doesn't really matter

Our local area will have very little wheat to harvest

I have no idea what the bigger picture looks like, but considering todays price action

What might the wheat market be thinking

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Re: What about wheat. SAME as 2010,

wheat gets short and leads the grains to New Record Highs.  Just Watch.



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Re: What about wheat. SAME as 2010,

Hobby reported seeing great looking wheat, Yes I did, I also said it was too far along for the time of year for the area it is in.

As I went east into nw Kansas I saw more winterkill.  Very dry soils with wheat that needs a drink right away. Some is jointing and it is fourty days from frost free date. I give it a 90% chance of being an insurance claim.


No moisture reserves and too far along...Not a good combo.


I pounded steel posts in the corner of each of my Kansas farms and attached " for sale" signs on them yesterday. Need a two inch soaker to generate any buyer interest...

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Re: What about wheat. SAME as 2010,

In the southern plains -------- all I had to do was post a picture of decent wheat ------- three warm days and some wind and wheat is stressing.  Needs rain pronto.   East into central okla.  the cattle prices will take out a lot of acres.   


Overall it is not a good crop..   the picture came from a small area that looks decent but is starting to stress and every direction you drive from there the wheat looks worse.   


It is not going to be a big crop.... but It wasn't last year or the year before........ but the price went down anyway.  A poor crop in the NW didn't even help the price.  So cattle pasture is the option.   And even that stinks because a 550 lb calf will bring within $60 of an 800 lb calf.  That doesnt pay much for wheat either.

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Re: What about wheat

What's your asking price? Is it all crop land? Or are you just selling the wheat crop? 4 quarters dryland selling by public auction here Thursday. Will be interesting to watch. Recent land sales in the area were still very strong
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Re: What about wheat

IMHO, be very careful not to develope backyarditis.  Technical reasons for price to increase don't mean ----.  Wheat price won't go up unless the market wants it to.  Last fall and over winter I felt it would show strength.  Every custom harvestor I talked to said wheat was crap from texas to kansas.  15 bu/acre on average.  I had a very poor harvest of good bushels, but abismal quality.  Still can't market some because of vom issues. Now the dollar has exploded upwards and exports are not real strong.  Really don't think anyone is short on wheat worldwide.  Maybe wheat is the markets new yo-yo to make some dough.  Wouldn't bet on it though.   

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Re: What about wheat. SAME as 2010,

The larger cattle producers in this area are still grazing their wheat today.  Looks like they will scarifice the wheat to benefit/expand the herd.

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Re: What about wheat

Hobby are you giving up that easy!
With that $300 AC you'll get, you can
Buy into my dairy queen. With your
investment, we will be assured to have
An adequate supply of sprinkles.

Wheat. There is rain in the forecast. Had
To go to bigger town yesterday for a PET
Scan. Funny, along oil roads wheat looks
Fair. Old saying that at Easter wheat should
Be big enough that a rabbit can hide in
At harvest..
Some might be.
But back roads home wheat looks tough.
they are having a crop adjuster class
Today for winterkill. They will be using
Some of our fields as a teaching place.
The problem is, in the fields there is some
and others there are none.
Coop called, said safe to use Olympics now
Think the cold nights are over, but what
To do when about 1/2 is gone. I've
been informed the drivers can't "hunt
For wheat".

After yesterdays trip, I feel the economy
Is bad. For farm and city alike.

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