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What some investors think of the bean market

interesting read


then compair what profarmer is saying


local NC 2017 bid for beans is 8.86 to 9.01


but....Brock is projecting a price with a $6.xx


my take........i think this year you will need to do something.......either on the board, with options, or forward sale.....i don't know what

at this point is best....i do think we will have a chance to price something after the 12th, and far later.....we havent got a scare yet, but

sure wish it would dry up in south america soon !!!


i think this is the year of authority xl pre, with RR1 beans, the followed with a quart of generic glyphos, maybe throw in some

phos......and utilize the enterprise units cut cost on the insurance.


would like to findsome sort of pre-emerg herbicide that would provide season long protection for the major offenders,

the pig weeds, an price


but...with RMA announcing beans at $9.73......and corn $4.15......i'm afraid you're going to see quite a few more beans......


I'll admit, i'm not much of a corn person, but that sounds kind of slim for corn........the same with beans here.......


any other options ???


watermelons ??????????


local 2017 NC bids

Corn  $3.24

Milo    $2.89


if  not beans...lexar around $40/gal, N prices less than 40 cents/#  and 11-52 around $425/ton.........

rumor corn seed about 225 to 250 with the kitchen sink.


gentlemen...load your spreadsheets !!

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Re: What some investors think of the bean market

Have you ever had a futures account and hedged your production??

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BA Deere
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Re: What some investors think of the bean market

Do you think the insurance guarantee will be $4.15 corn for spring price?  That wouldn`t be too bad relatively, cash would be $3.65ish.  But with Brock if the crop gets planted early and going good, there could be a $6.99 cash bean bid somewhere in the boonies 200 miles from the nearest soybean meal plant and then he can feel vindicated, but other that that it`s bear porn.  It would be nice though if he can scare farmers into early selling, then maybe it could set up for a modest harvest rally.

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Re: What some investors think of the bean market

Why give the guy with such an overall dismal record even a comment in passing?


Anybody that believes in him should have your sale scheduled sooner rather than later.

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