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Wheat --- Pal call

Palouser your call on wheat looks pretty good.  so far.  Building a bottom for a trend to bounce off of.


I'm Hoping our wheat is not off topic on the marketing board.



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Re: Wheat --- Pal call

Well, didn't take any talent to call this one. I figured any more of a sell off and there'd be a shortage after the next harvest. PNW is $1.40 over Chicago.


Meanwhile I just started harvest. Been hearing low numbers for around here. I'm undecided. 90 bu may be out of the question but I'm still cutting good wheat and not sure. We ran out of moisture and it is very hot and dry. One static spark and that huge could of dust behind me could explode into a fireball. Spring wheat looks like 60 bu but will probably be in the 40's due to small kernals. This would have been the yeat for HRS.


Meanwhile I'm drinking my daily 2 gallons of water (iced tea, beer and everything that goes in a glass) and peeing very little. But I'm getting used to it. I have a friend that's a camel in the town of Waitsburg. Named Izzy. I see a picture of him breaking into a liquor store so I guess it's dry down there too! He's a minor so I think I'll get to see him again.


Re: Wheat --- Pal call

 hay, pal send some of that dty wheather to sw north dakota, ready to start swathing hrs and we just got 2 inches of rain.  out here lookes like the best crop I have ever had, should have some that will go over 50. our trouble is shipping elevator told me rail is going to be a mess.

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