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Wheat article in India!

    What a pitty,I can't believe this is a sitsuation on the planet that we know.My guess is thatsome of the dept that is causing the suicides are very minimal.I would be glad to bail a few of them out if a guy just knew how to do it.Keep the funds out of the government hands so to speak,what a pitty!  We here in the states are living in a very precariouse sitsuation our selves,the next two years will tell weather we will go forward or sink!

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Re: Wheat article in India!

This is a persistant problem. In addition many of the farners there are illiterate. Getting money where it is needed would be problematical as graft and corruption are very old practices based on caste and the desperation to get ahead. I agree, it's sad.


I remember when the NFGA (and they weren't the only outlest for these views) promoted the idea that we should purposely overproduce below the cost of production in order to 'capture the market.'  Their idiocy, had it been feasible, would have led directly to this kind of thing. In fairness, India protects their farmers in many ways but not all problems can be taken care of.

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