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Wheat drops 30 cents

Board dropped 5 cents.....basis got 25 cents wider.

I was taught that basis is wider at harvest.

I put my machines away better than a month

Ago.....and I'm one of the last ones done.

Just how much do the local elevators want to

Make ???

Something is wrong when all the locals drop

That much......after harvest.

Wheat bureau where are you ?
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Re: Wheat drops 30 cents

I guess you won't know what the PCP's will be until morning?


I don't have much fondness for the LDP bottom picking game as I remember it.

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Re: Wheat drops 30 cents

Well get ready for it because that is where corn is going to be this fall....

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Re: Wheat drops 30 cents

im low? now we have vomitoxin issues in our wheat.....some of mine has 5.7% 

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Re: Wheat drops 30 cents


*** are you sure you were not just seeing the bids being rolled from September to December KC wheat futures????  the spread was about 29 cents on the close Tuesday