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Wheat in the feed bunk

Seems like most all I read this yr. about wheat harvest was the dock at the elevators, for poor qaulity wheat issues

Probably some of that same poor quality wheat is still in on farm bins

If the end users don't want the poor quality wheat, will price put a significant amount of that wheat in the feeder bunks

Regardless of yield, dock etc. wheat did get harvested, put in a truck and went some where

I don't know as I live a long way from both, the major wheat and cattle feeding country

I see more wheat planted locally than last yr, even though wheat is not a paying crop, some times you just have to plant wheat for the rotation benefit, on some soils, "here"

If not for the roation benefit, wheat would not be grown here

We haven't planted an acre of wheat for ages, but some yr. we may have to if bean/corn yields fall off.

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Re: Wheat in the feed bunk

We are not having vomitoxin issues out west but the weevils are having a field day. Warm dry weather must have given them time for a second life cycle in the bins.
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