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Wheat is the new feed

Looking at today's futures wheat will help plug the perceived supply gap left by soy and corn. The interesting question is what is the motivation to move wheat to an export position if it can be used as feed in a location closer to where it's stored? It would be determined by what importers are willing to pay and the margins taken by exporters which, in my region, has been huge compared to the average year.


The dynamics for marketing from here on out are more unusual than 07-08 IMO.

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Re: Wheat is the new feed...sometimes

discounts have to large enough to get the feed quality wheat down to or Below the local price of corn for wheat to be seriously considered as a feed product..


Until it's down to the afore's just not worth fooling with.



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Re: Wheat is the new feed

yes more wheat wil be used for feed use here to August.


Yyes use that info, sell, help supply the need.


Will prices drop like after 08 which you mention? probably though not as much.

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