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Wheat leads the way 7/15.

Get the wheat harvested....... It has a home and is needed ----- 

An up market in wheat after the 4th of July tells us where the grain supply is or is not.

Harvest has been slow but yields have been better than expected in large areas....

Wheat acres are very low historically.  The next commodity to be short world wide.  IMO

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Senior Advisor

Re: Wheat leads the way 7/15.

Higher  Than  Expected  yields  =  ? 

A  $200,000. boot- trade  in,  on  a  new  harvester   =   bushels / acres ,  of  $7  wheat  ?

Answer  =  why  there  is  a  mass  exodus ,  dwindling  population , of  next  generation  of  farm  youth -  maybe ---

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