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Wheat looks too good

Doing some field work today, looked at some wheat fields.......let's see, this is basicly the first week of march isn't it ?

was running around with a short sleeve shirt today.

This wheat is just too far along for this time of year for it's own good......and looks like continued warm temps for some

time....and no least out neck of the woods.

i saw some pretty growthy wheat today.....i just about stopped and snooped in the neighbors field, but was in a hurry,

but, it shouldnt look like this at this date in the year.

do we have spring anymore ??? or is that known as feb nowdays ?


but i guess the question i should be asking.....if the kansas wheat crop would flop......what that have any effect on the

market ?  i was told years ago, kansas was the nations bread basket......where has it gone ?


i need to play with my wx data thing, and see what the long range stuff looks like.......we're supposed to be in the

upper 60's to 70's for the next week......if so.......and we get hit with a cold snap, things might get interesting.


 update....wx is showing the night of march 21 to get down to 26 in this neck of the woods...question is, how big will

the wheat be if we keep seeing theses upper 60's and low to mid 70's ?


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Re: Wheat looks too good

See my post of weeks ago , crop here in WKY. is too big also , i asked if anyone knew of a growth retarder no one knew of any talked to a chem. rep. only thing out there is one you apply at flag leaf to make the straw shorter ,no help at all for late cold spell.

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Re: Wheat looks too good

years ago we worked with cytokins and the like for growth regulators in the lab......that's difficult to do, alot of variables

just think of a semi at full power and your trying to hold the break worked in some instances and not in others.


dont think there any labeled.....but used alot in the floral industry.


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