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Wheat news

Apparently a CWB official in Bejing said China would use 15-20 MMT of wheat for feed this year because of the price relationship with corn. I'm assuming this is  mostly going to be imported. This probably is in addition to, or largely so, of predictions of a large shift to feeding wheat globally. If so, the paradigm for wheat will change in terms of CO, etc. I believe corn will maintain its value because of the drop in US production, but the chances of a violent upswing in price are probably moderated IMO.


Planting of wheat in both the US south (Texas, OK) and Ukraine is being delayed due to drought. If it goes on for too long in Ukraine it becomes serious because of their winters are harsh. They then switch to spring plantings which are not nearly as productive.



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Re: Wheat news

Funny thing is that all I've read as of late how the wheat crop isn't out there. Argentine wheat area is in a drought. Half of Western Canada was flooded out dropping wheat acres,drought in the southern states dropped yields and is delaying planting, UK wheat crop dropped in production where is all the wheat going to come from?

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