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Wheat protein premium....a joke

This really upsets me
The media tells us protein is in short supply this year
On wheat..... premium of better than a dollar at KC.

We are on the second phase of harvest...hill ground,
Where it is not uncommon to have good protein
Wheat...I made inquiry to elevators in a 60 mile
#1...we don't have a protein machine ((but they have everything else))
#2...since we do not have protein machine, we sample
Each day, send it off, and if protein, then everyone
That hauled in that. Day gets premium.
You can haul it their bigger elevator and each load
Tested, but it is more miles....oh you need to sell
NOW to get the premium....they said in a month or
So there will be no premium. ((but bet there will be in KC))
#3 was like #2

One elevator big shot told me they don't make
Much money on protein have shipping cost...
Oh....well your basis has widened to 90 cents on
The "regular" wheat...I thought that paid the shipping.
$1 or more premium on high protein....yet you are
Paying me only 30 cents ????
Not bad making $1.90 a bushel....more than I will
Make, and I had the time and expense of raising

Time to add elevator operators to our least favorite
People..... political, lawyers, elevator operators.
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Re: Wheat protein premium....a joke

That wasn't the media that said protein was in short supply. That was your wonderful appointed USDA govt employees quite the opposite of the media.😜
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