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Wheat quality problems - as expected

The word is now coming out the sparse wheat in the southern Plains is heading toward junk status after rains delayed harvest. So much for the high protein.


It appears this is also a problem with SRW throughout the south and Midwest. Too much rain, too long.


HRS is the only one standing - so far.


This may go down as one of the most problematical wheat harvests in US history.


In a couple of days I get to check out the status of the spring wheat planted where winter wheat was winter killed in the PNW. So far, the reports I've gotten is it is poor. But nothing like seeing it w/ your own eyes. At my elevation on the eastern fringe we've finally received enough showers in the last few days to really help, or at least give the crops some breathing room.

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Re: Wheat quality problems - as expected

Yep, and I got newsletters from.4 elevators,
They are excited about harvest. One said
They expected a fair crop but now average.
Everyone is tight lipped about the markets,
I talked to a couple of originators ....I said
I thought the heavy, high test, wheat, since
Alot of the stressed wht usually is high
In protein.
They had no idea
still no good outlook, because there is
Plenty of wheat in the world.
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Re: Wheat quality problems - as expected

Sorry, I forget your location.


In our area, when it rains just before or during harvest they want falling numbers and sprout tests. And then the dockage early in the year is horrendous. If it goes in a bin and sits until the following spring it usually is only a little dockage for sprout and the falling numbers are often not even tested.

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