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Re: Wheat -- think about it.

canola is $600 a bag and at 5lbs seed per acre its $60 an acre. it takes a lot of fertilizer plus lots of sulfer. We windrow it so you need a $100,000 windrower altho more guys are trying to straight cut. And up here you need to fungicde it and if you hire a plane its about $20-$25 an acre so it all adds up? Beans look better at 30-40 BPA with very little fertilizer so there is more net money. The county i farm in grows more canola than any other county in ND. The US grows 3 million acres but canada grows 21 million

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Re: Wheat -- think about it.

The marijuana growers ain't seen nothing yet.  Wait until it trades on the CBOTSmiley Wink

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