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From arlin

One grain elevator in western Oklahoma says it hopes to take in 10% of normal wheat receipts this year due to high abandonment and switching to other crops, like cotton. When you hear better-than-expected yields, it's partly because bad wheat was abandoned. #oatt
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Re: Wheat

Makes sense however what a shame. Markets force people into decisions they wouldn’t normally do and cash in.
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Re: Wheat

I think the comment from elevator will be more
Common. Several fellows here have hit the
Wheat crop with glyphos and planted something

So, if we are going to be significant down, what's
Wrong with price ?
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Re: Wheat

Witnessed  cutting  in Waco Texas area last week -  corn tasseling , although the 10 day forecast , didn't seem promising for further development - - -


Dry  weather  naturally  being  the  norm,  with temp bumps discussed as above normal ---     

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