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Re: Wheat ---

Nor, neither, or whatever is proper.....----------Neither is china regulated on GMO's,  bought, stolen, or piece hasn't got a court to cry in china.  The health food scam is not going to fly and distribute its foo foo dust over the poor of China like they do on the uneducated  poor of the US.  Even though there are 1.34 billion of them to send in $7.95 a month to save a starving dog.  That $7.95 has a place on the table to feed the children.


Even if............ Even IIIFFFF...... That rumor started at the washington post is true ( that the presidents hair color is an indicator of GMO corn consumption)  Ooooor those two chinese girls who write(translate) the articles for reuters as approved by the Chinese Department of Agriculture suddenly turn their 20 something hair  the same color ............Green piece can go back to working the US trust fund octogenarians for foo foo dust protection money.


We can blame Deere or Monsanto and try to crater our own stock market, like the lemmings we are.  But sooner or later we have to ask, why a Deere can separate wheat from chaff in asia for $26K+ operator and fuel......... and why it costs a Deere $400K to do the same job in the US...... +operator + fuel + property taxes, + insurance + liability + conservation compliance etc etc etc.


And don't you dare think it is my, or your fault.  Or that dumb comment about extravagant farmer lifestyles(usually given by a farmer with envy fetish.  Most of that cost difference is generated right there in the beltway.  The vote is used against private ownership rights and profit, while the well paid voters get to buy wheat at the same price or lower than Asia.

You couldn't use one of those asian deere's if you wanted to, at any'ld be locked up for endangering the public or yourself.










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Re: Wheat ---

i agree
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Re: Wheat ---

The press (including SF) will never do research when speculation draws more flies, but here is the data even though it does not support the Fake News. Notice how those exports have fallen  Smiley Happy


BEST Year in the last eleven........................  That is where we are during the trade war -----The truth does not support the narrative for the last seven months.


They keep spinning the trump haters propaganda ............ Will the predictions ever come true....??  Or just get repeated until the press is sure the best exports in eleven years were the worst of all time.

For sure it will be in print for years to come even if it never happens.


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