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Re: Who's planting?

Freese-Notis Weather meteorlogists tell Monday morning that frost-like temperatures will be even lower tomorrow night than tonight's expected freeze. Gardens to be hit harder than field-crops, you think? Though some crop is in the ground, very little if any is out of the ground.


What say you?



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mvp farms
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Re: Who's planting?

Well there have been flakes of snow in the air here in NW MN all day.  Smiley LOL

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Re: Who's planting?

Have been following this thread and since it is really early for Ontario did not consider replying until today.

My wife drove 75 or so kms north west of us today and says some areas nothing was happening in the fields then other areas lots of activity including planters.

There has been corn planted in Ontario 2 weeks ago, picture below, but none near me that I know of.

We have recieved seeral nights of -6 to -8C temperatures in the last week which has even burned the top of the grass in the lawn.

Daytime temps have only got up to 10-12C for highs in the last week and forecast is for a high of 5 on wednessday.

Those temperatures are not conducive to getting corn that was planted around March 23-25 when highs hit 27C out of the ground.

This picture is of corn planted on March 23 and was taken last Friday April 6 so 2 weeks in the ground and it does not look real healthy at this time.

Fall will tell the tale.




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Re: Who's planting?

Planted the first 85 acres yesterday south of What Cheer, IA. 


It has been a long time since I have planted into soil conditions this nice! 


Better get my order in for a 1 inch rain every Sat evening from here until harvest!


Have to get this corn in the if gets as cold tonight as it could we will spend the next week puting up hay!



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Re: Who's planting?

Hedrick Family Farms and Produce


Eastern Pennsylvania,

Tilled ground last week for corn,soy and wheat ( 1240 acres)  Sweet corn was started under plastic and on drip lines 2 week ago.  It's up and looks good for July 4 harvest ( first sweet corn harvest here).  We've had several night were temps were right at freezing and a few nights down to the upper 20's.  All in all everything looks good.  Row crops going in this week.  One acre of tomatoes were already planted outside and doing well.  We just need some rain to kick things off.

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