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Will Brazilians change soybean mindset?

Soybean planting is beginning in Brazil. Normally, lower soybean prices would affect future plans. But, according to market analyst Rafael Ribeiro from Scot Consultoria, this year is different. "It is simple. Soybeans are much more profitable than corn in South America. For that reason, I think Argentina will increase its soybean area too," the analyst says to In 2012-13, Brazil planted nearly 71.9 million acres. For 2013-14, Scot Consultoria projects that this area will jump 4%. "There is pressure on the price (of soybeans), but even more pressure is being applied to corn prices. The profits will not be as good as last year with the oilseed, but still will be big in Brazil," reveals Ribeiro.



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Re: Do Brazilians would change the minds on soybeans?

I agree that if soy isn't profitable in Brazil then little else will be - especially if far from a port. Only processing and converting grain commodities to more valuable products is an option for protecting against low prices.

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Re: Will Brazilians change soybean mindset?

Luiz   Do brazillians build on farm storage facilities to hold their grain until logistics can handle it?


If the US depended on logistics to move all our grain to the markets, our rail roads and barges would be overwhelmed. We have on farm storage & commercial storage in abundance  and we make our products available all year long toend suers and shippers.

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