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Williamsburg Iowa Tornado

Over 50 + years  on  this  event  === Can  imagine  the  truckdriver  calling  in ,  conversation  to  dispatch  about  the  event ===  Leaves  on  asking  what  supply  chain  interruption ,  price  hike  analysis , due  to  this  1 truck mishap might  develop  = ? ? =

Was  the  driver  negligent ,  to  fast  or  slow ,  etc. , or  Black  Swan , while  his  company  might  have  sent  him  a  warning  on  his qual-comm  message  board  = ? = ? 

Marketing  seems  to  reject  fundamental's  on  occasion ,  although  this  event might  be  a  hint  to  early  spring  of  2023 = = =  Was  1967  a  dry , wet , normal - year  in  Eastern Iowa ?  ?  ?        

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Re: Williamsburg Iowa Tornado

Looking back 1967 had some D3 and D4 drought, but not as bad as 1988 and 2012.  Seems like corn & beans handle drought better these days, so 1988 wouldn`t even be "1988" today  😀   Oldtimers were talking about all the fog we`ve been having "Ya know what that means, rain in 90 days!"  I don`t know what they mean by "rain" in 90 days. a drizzle or California flooding?  

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Re: Williamsburg Iowa Tornado

Didn't have to wait 9 days let alone 90 for the rain to come.  Nearly half an inch a few days ago that took down some of the snow pack.  Snowstorm coming tonight to add it back.  Driving streets is about as rough as off-roading.

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