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Wind and Wheat

Interesting that after all the wheat being blown out in Oklahoma, Texas, and Southern Kansas in the last two days that KC wheat is lower this morning.   Talked to some neighbors on the Oklahoma, Kansas borders that have already been zeroed out on wheat insurance.  Dust storms and lower wheat doesn't make sense.  One would think the lower dollar would be supportive also.


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Re: Wind and Wheat

The traders probably saw a little green on the radar from the weatherman this morning going across a  part of kansas and then made an assumption that its better there, so down it goes for a bit.  Not that I agree with them.

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Re: Wind and Wheat

FWIW, wheat still looks good around Wichita, Ks for the most part, but dry spots are starting to show up in the wheat at a critical time.  Also very little rain fell in a lot of the wheat areas and not much rain chances in the forecast, although the cool weather will help. 

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