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Winter Weather Records

I know that Toledo, Ohio is close to setting the all-time record for snowfall in the month of January and is closing in on the record for snowfall for an entire winter. How many other cities and states are setting weather records for cold and snow this winter?    What is the grain market impact?  Anyone heard from Al Gore lately?

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Re: Winter Weather Records

several records of cold/warm, a lot of snow/lack of snow.... amplitudes/extremes are holding wide.


Mammoth & Tahoe (CA) are having record low snowfall...........Breckenridge, CO has 7 feet so far in Jan--breaking their record for 1 month.


i'd say on balance, entire belt is well below average--temp-wise since fall.


more domestic feed and fuel demand? cold tortillas?


Al's probably in Fiji or Bahamas drinking Bahama mamas, getting fatter, flatulating more, celebrating his windfall and trying to contribute more greenhouse gas to his cause. 

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Re: Winter Weather Records

Ask the polar bears, lack of ice for them means more for us.

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Re: Winter Weather Records

22.5" of snow for Des Moines so far this Winter.  Normal snow for the season is 36", so we are about normal.  We are just getting little shots at a time.  I have yet to hook-up my snow blower to the tractor.

Plenty of wind this Winter.  

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Re: Winter Weather Records

My area might be record dry, I'd welcome a foot of snow even if it came with a blizzard. Another cold front moving in this afternoon, 0 and near 0 overnight temperatures aren't doing the exposed winter wheat crop any favors.
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Re: Winter Weather Records

Roaringtiger, I am in Ontario, north of Ohio obviously.


The snowfall has been ridiculous. We have gotten a normal snowfall amount by the first week of Janaury. And now it is like -34C which is probably like -30-40F.


I can go for a drive and see tonnes of fields of corn that have not been done.. I am only 10% done.. but maybe I am too big of an operator.. Id say that there are a bunch of guys stuck at 30-50% done.


Propane is at almost 3.78/gal... so if it turns warm, no one goes cause they can't run the dryer at a profit


Not to mention the snow drifts in the corn fields are ridiculous and hamper things.

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Re: Winter Weather Records

Our electrician at the plant was up towards Toledo. Said they had the biggest piles of snow around town he had ever seen.
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