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Senior Advisor

Winter wheat ratings falling in the US

Apparently there are variable decreases in ratings in the southern Plains due to cold and little relief from drought. The wheat is small. Time will tell.


On my way back up from the SW I passed through the major areas of winter wheat in the PNW. Our moisture is OK but the summerfallow wheat at the lower elevations in Or and Wa is very small compared to normal. There is some concern w winterkill though I didn't see anything obvious except some fields that appeared to have no emergence at all - which might be fine as it is undoubtedly sprouted below (I have never seen wheat this behind at that elevation). Most of the wheat in the lower elevations would normally be well crowned and 3-4" high. Saw almost nothing that advanced. I get to make the same trip again in a few weeks and will check some areas further north I missed. I'm guessing southern ID and MT will have similar conditions.

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