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With regards to trump talks

With regards to:

  If we want to do something about the price of corn, we corn farmers need to each send a message to the White House telling trump to stop pussyfooting around and immediately relocate all that ethanol or don't expect any support next year.

The White House contact information is:

It can't be much easier.

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Re: With regards to:


The corn bone is connected to the ethanol bone,

The ethanol bone is connected to the oil bone,

The oil bone is connected to the American-People bone.

So who ya gonna piss off? 

Big Corn

Big Ethanol

Big Oil

Or the Rest of the American people when their fuel costs climb over $4.50 a gallon?

Quite the conundrum.

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Re: If ethanol is selling for $1.30 and RBOB gasoline for $2.10 why would .....

If ethanol is selling for $1.30 and RBOB gasoline is selling for $2.10 why would burning more ethanol cost more?

Ethanol RINS only costs money if you don't blend ethanol, the more ethanol you blend, the more money you make.

And what makes you think gasoline is going to $4.50?