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Re: World's largest

Bet both numbers would look big to me.



On the flex fuel thing, 2016 pickup had a flex fuel emblem on the tail gate.


The 2017 replacement has no emblem, but has the yellow fill hole.


2018 don't have the tag either. They really seem to want to sell the eco-boost non e85 versions.


Have to wonder how those little turbos hanging off the back corners of the eco boost are going to hold up.


Needed to fill yesterday in Atlantic, did it a a BP station that had e85, said right on the pump "not 


a BP product" it was $1.85, 10% was $2.45. Yes I put in $50.30 of e85.


Been thinking I should get an emblem and put it on anyway. 


Yep it's a Ford, only domestic company that didn't go t!ts up and screw the taxpayers AND the stock holders.


41corn e plants in Iowa, soon to be one more. 30% of USA production . And we still have too much corn...or maybe not...



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Re: World's largest

Jeez....seems we cannot even build 4 million bu

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