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Re: Would you hire a Brazilian in your farm? Now it's legal.

I live in a vegetable growing area, and with that being said have a lot of migrant workers around. Most of them are from Texas, Hispanic descent but non the less US citizens. I have hired migrants as well as local teenagers to work on my farm. Having said that I would hire migrants over locals any day of the week. They actually want to work.

I grew up in the 80's picking asparagus and trimming Christmas trees. Nowadays you can't find a white kid willing to do that work.

So yeah. I would hire a "Brazilian". Because I'm sure they will work their ass off for me.
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Last Brazilian help married farmer's daughter!

So think it through! I think it then developed into an expansion in Brazil. Happened to an aquaintence in Minnesota.


I liked Brazil and wouldn't mind hanging around there. I have a daughter too. I just don't need any help!

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Re: Last Brazilian help married farmer's daughter!


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