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Wow, Ernst got a beatdown for sure.

Wow, Iowa Senator Ernst got a beatdown for sure in her debate the other night.  They asked her the Iowa breakeven price for soybeans and after stalling to two minutes finally said $5.5o.  The correct answer was $10.03.

  Maybe Marketeye Mike should make a point of sending her an email once a day .

By the way, Greenfield's answer wasn't perfect but she, at least, knew what corn was going for.

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Re: Wow, Ernst got a beatdown for sure.

If your breakeven price on beans is $10.03 you need to reevaluate your expenses. 

BA Deere
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Re: Wow, Ernst got a beatdown for sure.

I`ll admit that to be senator in a farm state you should get within a buck of Iowa State`s breakeven.  That said, how many farmers know their breakeven?  How many successful farmers would answer "you tell me the yield mother nature gives me, then I`ll tell you my breakeven cost"?

I would not doubt some farmers getting an unexpected 80 bushel bean yield, probably will have a $5.50 breakeven.

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Re: Wow, Ernst got a beatdown for sure.

And to come to her defense, ours will be pretty close to that number 🙂   70 bu beans plus we calc the subsidies as reducing our breakeven since that gives a clearer picture of economic returns, probably be around $6, so maybe she got it right :-0

Gotcha questions are such a waste of time and frankly offensive to a thinking soul. Especially when they are routinely asked by only one side of the debate forum....funny, let's cancel culture....that always works out well for the poor and the rich as well.