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BA Deere
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Ye cats, Beans up 11!

Will the spreads help corn +1 that seems to have a "story" of it`s own? Maybe when threshers roll in earnest it`ll peel off 50¢  Will "new money" the inflation funds come in that are always long add liquidity?

Wouldn`t it be a hoot if all this hand wringing about "getting China mad" was all one-sided.  Perhaps they just didn`t  need beans and now they do and now they buy?  My main man Terry Branstad retired his post as ambassador to China...mission accomplished!

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Re: Ye cats, Beans up 11!

Hope he’s ok.  Should be an interesting speaker in the future.  

“Getting China mad”   —  all part of living in fear -  knowing mankind is all they got. “appease at any cost”. 


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