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You and Usda review

I thought that was a great idea for an article until I read it.  Still think it is.

I am not sure EWG and market advisers really deserve that much room in the discussion, but maybe producers should avoid the limelite on this one.  (No one twists data like EWG or misunderstands the mission of usda)

What did you think?   I feel as comfortable with the issue as I do with their surveys.  Things like race are not supposed to be important to me, but they sure are at usda.  And those constant judgements on who should be participating and who has what outside income.  Sort of a pinkerton agency incognito.  Smiley Happy  with masks.... and the door locked......

Its been a difficult year for us all....... It was extremely difficult for local staff since not too long ago an administration decided to delay all programs for a year to delay payments.  Trying to finish 2019 programs in June after 2020 crops are half grown and not being able to apply changes until a month before 2020 deadlines with doors locked and parking lot meetings(without masks??) was a nightmare for local staff along with the change of administration goals.  The locals deal with a lot more issues than 25 years ago--(including the influence of non governmental special interest  groups trying to drive government agenda by applying media pressure while bypassing the ballot box.)  Staff probably understand usda services better than anyone else in the picture.

What do you think? 

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Re: You and Usda review

Since I am no longer slowed to post pictures. This emblem is gaining favor with me...

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Re: You and Usda review

Back when I used to ask my banker for money every year, I had a annual low expectation of how much money I would need, the banker would suggest "rounding it up and it you don`t need it, don`t spend it" .   And lo and behold I would spend it all and be on fumes in July, getting by on the Farm Plan card.  It`s nice to be my own banker these days.

Then when I was a Bigshot in the Farm Bureau "let`s go to Des Moines and DC and lobby for the Farm Bill"  when corn was $6 you could fit all the farmers that were interested in little Smart car and have room to pick up a hitchhiker "Git the government outta farmin`!!".   All this farm spending is done on the fly in emergency basis, those saying "Git gummitt outta farmin` " are first in line at the FSA office with their mask on to sign up for the latest CFAP-a-do-dap program. 

We have a lot of farmers that think they can ride the bicycle without training wheels, but don`t usually get far without them...well, it`s gonna take a little time to put the training wheels back on, when not that long ago the kid claimed he wanted the training wheels off. 

Emergency spending slapped together in a month and expected to run like a well oiled machine is a little unrealistic.   Arbitrary dates if you sold feeder cattle at the January 4th green tag auction you get no Trump money, but if you waited and sold after the 15th, you made out like a bandit.  

The USDA is a pain, but only because of our persnickety input as to what we really want....we`re worse than a bunch of women   Smiley Happy 

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Times change

Great thoughts and very true BA except one thing. I Don't think it has been about what we want since the late 1970’s.  Originally yes (50’s-60’s)
but it’s more about “keeping usda alive” in recent years.  So much that paid personnel think in terms of “eligibility” rather than “service” to agriculture as a whole for the public good.  IMO that’s a reflection of the attitude in congress (ie- the welfare state years)
The depopulation of rural communities stress has been real for all agencies serving agriculture as well as those who survive it.
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