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Senior Advisor

You know it's bad

When guys in Missouri wish it hadn't rained the third week of July.

Nother gut punch.

Give me a 2012 with 0 corn over this crap
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Senior Advisor

Re: You know it's bad

You know it's REALLY bad when we wish we were farming in Misery -  Smiley Happy

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Pat in CMO
Senior Contributor

Re: You know it's bad

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Perhaps, Next Year be Better

i think we all know how this goes.


Keep in mind, Mizzou....last year was pretty darn good there.


I Live in " Next Year Country," btw.


it's generally pretty tough to beat the long term law of Averages.  MO.


Man is pretty dam Short.

GOD and Mother Nature likely got things figured as to what is Best for ya.


Might take God and MN 20 or 2,000 years to teach ya...but eventually Man Learns.  MO.


 If you happen to get 15 Big Drys in a Row or 15 Wets....hmmmm  


 ya'll just gotta Shift Gears a BUNCH.


Perhaps just "kick back," get ya a few Grazers ( meaning goats, sheep, horses and cattle ),  FISH more and Enjoy LIFE.

Times Change.


irregardless, Good Foods will be Produced.

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Mike central IA
Veteran Contributor

Re: Perhaps, Next Year be Better

Don't you suppose he would have the best luck grazing the fish?

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