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Yuck pt. VII

Too much time watching the market this week, especially for someone who's been mostly out since late 2014. Just a few scalps off the emini to show for it. Fascinating though.


Stocks going to close on their cans. Doesn't bode well for sunday night.


Chart looks to me to be in a 3rd of a 3rd- my guess is a run under 1900 in the SP followed by some stability. Second wave correction burned off a couple weeks and 4ths tend toward proportionality. That's when the tell you "buying opportunity" but there should be a fifth down before it is over.

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Re: Yuck pt. VII

BTW also. When I say "it is over" that would more than likely just be a tradeable correction of a larger degree.


Odds favor this now being a bear market of some magnitude.

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