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Re: a bit complicated

I have two views of hardly...


A) tall gangly dude with a long ponytail, what used to be a goatee, now just a long mostly unkempt nest. Long narrow face with black plastic round thick glasses, eyes slightly "pigeon toed" makes it hard for him to see the real picture.



B) short maybe 5'2" if he'd stand up straight. Bald with a comb over he thinks no one notices. Wire rim glasses, still has a goatee, a little bit better kept. About 50# overweight. Has to squint anytime he's in bright light, prefers the shadows.



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Re: a bit complicated

Yeah Nox , that was pathetic.
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Re: a bit complicated

Gee wiz that sounds like the depression cycle kicking in. K wave anyone. It may take 5-6 years after 2028 to feel the real pain.