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are you ready to sign the petition now ?

well i went out and did some things today, nice sun, temps almost to jan that isn't bad for these parts, but the wind did make

it a bit cool.....

got in late and had something to eat......a hot pork know, some roast pork, between two slices of bread, with a scoup

of mashed potatoes with some gravy, and a lettace sald..while good, i am a bigger fan of hot beef sandwich, but hey i'm not going

to complain, both are good.


i was told a couple of fellows called.  looking at the notes it was from a couple of brokers.  since i called a while back, saying i was

shopping, thought that what the deal i turned on the tv.....and there it was..........ole tweety bird just as proud of himself

like he cought a big worm.....he had signed us out today from nafta and the asia trade deal..........i set there in

disbleif......i just set there,  motionless, and not speaking...i was speachless....


the boss come in, and noted the state i was kind of scared her.....she asked if i was ok....i guess i kind of then

come out of it......she told me she was scared i had had a stroke...............


the truth be know, yes, maybe a TIA......caused by DJT.............


i listened.....then next was news about the republica ACA....which i don't would actually expand obama care,

that states could keep obama care, and all tax credits and the like would be kept, and even expanded !!!  the biggest thing

would be price transparency.....


i called the first broker.....we visited....i think i'm too late...their thought....perhaps limit down tomarrow.  he said the market went

up mainly due to the funds, and now that there are no trade agreements left......they will think how will we sell, we already have

big supplies.........there could be a rush to get out of the market with as much money as they can get out with.


ole tweety bird was saying it's going to be great for american workers................


one thing when you go from managing a company to managing a nation, you rapidly learn that things are not black or white...

when you write a deal, you don't write it for you, but MANY people are impacted, and thus you must understand that.


we are told he wrote a book, tittled "the art of the deal"........just what chapter does this one come from ?


it is better to negotiate from a position of power..........well, try this on for size.............


we don't have a cabinet, we don't have all the staff yet, we have not started to even talk to these people or meet with them, have

not shaken their hand yet........


kind of like waking into a car dealer on foot, telling the dealer you sold your car, and i'm here to buy one...........


WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN first, start the process, permit us to continue to trade......but no.......never meet them,

don't have a person in the cabinet for many departments, such as agriculture, that could add to the discussion....and proceed forward.


but knocking everyone........including AMERICAN industry from behind, and pulling the rug just don't

know what to say, it's unbelieveable !!!!!!!


he thinks he's going to hurt them.............just what are you doing to say when grains start to drop like a rock.........due to nowhere to



i don't care what you want to say.........even FOX NEWS  (let's see are they a fake news bunch, i can't keep track), they had people

unhappy.....from farm groups, to the u.s. chamber of commerce......


granted, a new agreement was needed...........but not this way !!!!!!!!!



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Am certainly no expert, and recognize that perceptions do matter, yet at this point in the game, has TPP had much of an impact on ag prices/exports?  And, therefore would/should today's pull-out have much of an impact on ag prices/exports?


From USA Today --


"The TPP is a comprehensive trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim countries, not including China, that was signed last year by President Obama after seven years of negotiation. But the Senate had not yet ratified it. The 30-chapter pact, which also needed to be ratified by other countries before Trump's order Monday, primarily aims to boost exports, remove tariffs and non-tariff  barriers, open access to more markets and usher in transparency in trade rules."


And, it's not like today's action should have been a surprise to anyone.   Still, would hope that current administration doesn't just "toss it" and uses it as a base for perhaps something better.

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The overnites are open and corn is down 1/4 cent and december is down 1/2 cent but is still at nearly 30cents premium to old crop


Beans are trading up 3.5 cents  and up 2 cents new crop.......... 


Markets don't seem to think it is a big event.

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Re: are you ready to sign the petition now ?

The following is a collection of comments and or support in favor of TPP



(look under news and media, then under news releases)



((beefusa has a direct responce, but the link is broken, i cant get it to work)) 






((i having problems with links tonight, pleae read the letter in the sorghum page, it contains the letter signed by most of the ag



((the chimp chip letter is the same as the letter in the sorghums growers))




I believe it is safe to assume that most of agriculture thought TPP was good..........but now gone........


anyone feel your face stinging ??

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Re: are you ready to sign the petition now ?

None of which will buy or sell a bushel.  Or loose if the markets fall.  They only loose if they get defunded by usda and producers.  They don't speak for my production.  Too many special interest groups with a say in washington. Beginning with that list.  

No it is not safe to say that.  We had no idea what it would create or do..... or who would benefit.   I remember Nafta being promoted as great for ag.    But Ag was doing fine on the export side before it came along.  Net benefit is difficult to measure.  While the problems of Nafta became very apparent.



The mail chimp might be a producer but he needs to rewrite the letter because it is not there.

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Re: are you ready to sign the petition now ?

I  recall  the  top  offical  of  a  major  CORN  &  HOG  '' I ''  - state  saying  his  state  was  hUUUge  in  the  current  elect's  win  -  guess will see as that  guy heads to 1038 Nanjing W  Road  - Shanghai   -  leaving Des Moines in the rear view ---


Seems  will see   -    and  not  being   '' careful  what  you  wish - voted  for '''  the  result  ? ?  


SW  -  EXCELL   1st  paragraph  -     checKoF  $$$  =  '''' peanut  butter  darts ''''  with excess  the  cha tttttt er --- 

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Re: are you ready to sign the petition now ?

Well I consider some of the groups take the
Farmers thoughts to Washington.

Using the same logic, it is in their best interests
That farmers do well.

I take it then farmers and agriculture do not
Have a voice.

I guess we should not even discuss such matters

It makes no difference
We are all fatalist
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Re: are you ready to sign the petition now ?

I am beginning to understand why people have left this site.


     I suppose the next thing Trump will be doing is lining up the farmers and executing them.  Has anybody here read the whole TPP agreement or even the old NAFT agreement. And no, I have not read the whole of either one.  I don't think we can sacrifice any industry in America to give another industry a leg up.   I will wait and see what Trump gets done before I will rush to judgement.  

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Re: are you ready to sign the petition now ?

UNL  - Hunh  - migration  of  idea's  is  sacrificial  -  land grants  have been  at  the  fore  front of  the  push -  pork , dairy , poultry ,  &  beef  is  coming  soon --- 

Re: are you ready to sign the petition now ?

If i am not mistaken he sdaid He would do his own negotations on trade deals. I do not think he ever said he was going to pull out and not have any trade agrements .I guess we are wasting our time when we say give him a chance.