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Senior Advisor

baby its cold outside !

Well I was just tonight (gotta stop that)

Well were told everything is fine, right.
Excellent condition, plenty of moisture,
We're going to ring the bell right?
All the traders say that, right.
Rain makes grain, right ?

Well help me out here....if we get a good
Supply of rain, doesn't that cut out sunlight prolonging maturity...
And didn't we plant late, and isn't the
Corn crop behind.
And also, when weather patterns get
Silly, they go to extreams.....

So what would happen if we got an early
Frost or freeze.

Just ponder about it for a while

Think I'll go turn down the AC another degree

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ray h.
Senior Contributor

Re: baby its cold outside !

     You are singing to the chior.This weather is wierd,it hase been nearve racking and extremes are not rare.Some things seem to be turning out all right,but nothing is going to be heavy.I guess the trade just wants to keep prices as third world as they can!

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