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bean Friday Gio

Watching the close today with more interest than I have had in a while   and now KC wheat seems to be following beans at its peak for the day.


Gio if your connected,  have any thoughts on what hasn't materialized yet..... still seems like a good overnight session with no follow up.


I would like to blow through this resistance point but not looking good right now.


What do you think.

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Re: bean Friday Gio



I am sorry but I have been traveling to Lewistown, Illinois since the end of January.  My wife and I have taken on a personal financial burden to continue our youth mission and I have been missing all of this fun. Smiley Very Happy  I will fill you in and sending you some stuff in your personal mail box. If soybeans go down to levels $8.80-$9.00 I would buy.  Trend is still going up.

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