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blast from the past and interesting few days


little video here.  remember this day still.  was planting corn.  tooling along watching my phone while autosteer did its thing and my text alerts went nuts.  made some money that day.  kind of weird, made money going down and then back up.  talk about a weird


just thought I would repost after todays halt


little bonus video.  and I quote about the 4 minute mark.  "no, this is just impossible"  LOL


took the phantom up in the air this weekend.  All i am going to say, is in a year like this you gotta get up and over the crop, not rate it from the road.  WOW is all I will say.  Up top is the only way to truly appreciate the problems.


have gotten about 4 inches of rain the last 36 hours.  never quits  total mess


turned in acres today in town.  interesting mood and comments.


this market has some major shock and aw coming, will just take time


you guys have a good weekend.  ironically enough headed for more water of the recreational kind.


FWIW, guess the mods dont like my trader comments based on their actions

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Re: blast from the past and interesting few days

This is catastophic. The rider of the pale horse is putting the saddle on.
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