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climate change

Feeling a little change in the SW.  Humidity is up, last 2 days struggled to get to 97, nights are cool, and there is a 40%chance of rain in the distant forcast(rare for us).  If things turn a little we will try to pass it on.  Looks a week away for us.

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Re: climate change

It used to be all about the chance of rain.  We got excited when we had a greater than or equal to a 40% chance of rain.

One of the sites that I get weather from uses DTN data. They give the % chance of rain and the amount expected for each of the next 5 days.

Today shows the following:   Today      0%

                                               Thurs.    45% chance of .01 inches

                                               Friday    21% chance of .03 inches

                                               Sat.       20% chance of .02 inches

                                               Sunday 32% chance of .04 inches


Well, Thursday is over that 40% level !!!!!

And Sunday will give us the "biggest" amount !!!

I think those amounts above are mostly from the humidity.......


On the bright side Sat. thru Tuesday's highs are in the upper 80's. Will seem quite cold.


This is in ECNE.


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Re: climate change

We dropped into the 90's this weekend and got more humidity.  The irrigated seems to have stopped deteriating.  If you are right and the temp backs off with a little moisture-------------Maybe the worst is behind us in another week or so.  Problem is it takes a few days to get improvement from here to the east.


The scalded leaves are not going away, but it sure feels better compared to last year down here.



It ain't much but If we can see a little hope, it may help.  Nothing worse than watching a wreck happen that is totally out of your control.  Especially if you are not used to that kind of risk. 

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Re: climate change

Yes, I see some highs in the upper 80's coming in a few days -- nice!!

I've been farming about 38 years so I've seen a lot of degrees of drough here in "the great american desert" and as far as risk -- I don't need to go to Vegas (and I don't); I have enough right here.


I've seen a lot of talk here about 1988. I find that interesting; that must be the last time it got this dry in the "I" states. Just life as usual west of the Missouri. 

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