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come on guys

Already someone brought in commodity beans to the local terminal with treated/colored seed beans in the load.

This is not legal, ethical,and is plain stupid.
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Re: come on guys

Last fall when I had a truck load of seed wheat treated, I had a full sized sheet of paper laying in the seat when I arrived to pick up the load explaining to me that this truck bed either needed to be vacuumed or power washed clean before it was ever used again to deliver grain to market.  Our local coops are very stern when harvest begins especially with those that they know use the same equipment to deliver grain as they do to handle seed meant for planting.

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Re: come on guys

    Most farmers are pretty conciencious people,it is hard to say all,because there is always that guy who in not carfull with this or that and it makes one wander if he ever pressure washes any thing,let alone take a bath himself.Thats what makes a guy mad about the gmo incident,should never of happened.Our wheat magizine promotes only value added,customer demanded product,and thats what we all have been trying to produce.Nothing is said about market trends as far as global or cbot except that the world pop is growing and hungry.Now we have a gmo problem that needs answering fast.Some body did some thing real stuppid!

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