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another board this site was mentioned, so I looked around it, and it might be something that some folks would be interested in.

it has an "education" section, and some other things....and there is no cost.....

all of us need a little help right now....enjoy


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That URL doesn't work until one spells challenge correctly.


I've tried this a couple of times and I end up not finishing it.  There is such a world of difference between real money and paper trading.  Good deal for those who can benefit from it.

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Totally agree with Jim.


Without having some financial stake it just becomes a game where you will gamble and get bored.

I thought it might be a good teaching tool...... but there is no pressure....... and in reality marketing is not as much fun as raising a crop 


It just becomes a guessing game..  for me in that format and I don't spend the time reading information 


When I was doing it on paper I made myself document reasoning and sources  to learn local trends and seasonal national basis trends-----(I was guided by a trader)

That was the key for me.   

I didn't work at it that much with  comodity challenge.