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If ten are unhappy---probably 100 more dont like it

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Re: complaints

Don't forget there are others that a willing to give it a chance. Some of you don't have the patience to give anything or anyone a chance.


I swear some of you aren't happy with anything. We been here before when agonline made changes to THEIR forums. A bunch of hotdogs left and tried to recruit others to their new place. Not happy to just quietly leave but had to make effort to drag preople away from here. Some people just have no sense of gratitude.

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Re: complaints

I agree Kraft. that makes twice now something must be wrong with one of usSmiley Tongue

 if SF finds something new and want to spend the money to make it better so be it! plus I 've notice they ain't askin for donations.

Besides I appreciate the chance to exhange ideas wit lots of folks fom around the globe.

I hope some others will make the switch like XI####### ,noxy, time the whas the point, and others will stay like Frank. 

I gottaa go check to see if hell froze over now down by renwieck! LOL JR 

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Farmer Joe
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Re: complaints

It seems they are able to sell advertisements base on hits, though actual posting seems wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy down.

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