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Ambrose is inclined toward sensationalism but this all makes.

Not unexpected that Wall Street and the Fed money gusher would take any "positive" news as an opportunity to resume the blowoff, but don't take that as the final word.

It is reasonable to assume that we're not getting accurate information this is far from over. And china's % of the world economy is 3X what it was in 2003 when SARS hit.

When (not if) three's a major global pandemic I do expect it to put some brakes on globalization and probably reverse it to some degree but whatever advantage there might be to the US as a whole it will be much later, after a big shock.

Probably not good for "agriculture" anyway. As you might recall, there were reasons why "agriculture" was the #1 lobby (at least astroturf wise) for WTO and NAFTA.

And NAFTA 2.

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Re: coronavirus

 If anyone is left alive to run the ports, China can always import fried locusts

Source:  The Big Wobble

I think they've estimated its hundreds of millions of locusts (or is it billions, I can't remember -- who counts these things anyway?) now eating their way through multiple parts of Africa.  The swarm is supposed to grow 500x bigger by June.  Crops in parts of Pakistan are also being chowed down by locusts and are supposed to mow their way through the Middle East.

 And the flies appearing in rain-drenched, locust-infected areas, which are also killing Kenyan donkeys (no wonder imports of Kenyan donkey-chow not allowed anymore).

Anyways, I think other areas of the world are going to be opening up for American agricultural imports in the near future.  Just make sure to plant the right crops.


Like I've mentioned before, the history of why the United States doesn't suffer from locust swarms anymore is a good read.

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Re: coronavirus in Your



Most USA toothpaste is imported from China. 


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Re: coronavirus in Your

They will probably be back...... we arent too far from eastern colorado and New Mexico and obviously our lack of major locust invasions is from our use of insecticide and the Mountain use of insecticide to control the evergreen beetles before just turning them loose like the fools we are.  No we are hoping the trees come back to the mountains.

Yet we still spray for locusts in western Ks nearly every year somewhere.  Depending on the weather.  The article makes the common mistake of declaring extinction of something......... So now, well meaning mothers won't let their farmer children use insecticides and we will forget lifes lessons once again..................."They'll be BAAAAck"

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Re: coronavirus

amino acids , vitamin E are going to be short coming up, due to China/coronavirus. That stuff primarily comes out of there.  I'm buying ADM stock, they produce amino acids domestically.  Vitamin E is a whole nuther ball of wax......

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