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Re: correct me if i'm wrong but...

BA - problem with that is Japan/Alaska/North America are all downwind.

Eisenhower was smart enough to know you can't win a land war in Asia.

Kennedy was smart enough to know he was right - just listen to his tapes and some of his speeches.

Ike retired and JFK was shot.  All downhill from there.

Trust our Founding Fathers vision of responsible liberty & freedom

Only thing that will defeat the Chinese Communist Party.

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Re: correct me if i'm wrong but...

Our fathers and grandfathers had some what would now be considered politically incorrect things about going to war in Asia...essentially any of their soldiers killed in battle would quickly replaced.   Of course China took on a "one child policy"  which changed the saying.

The one child policy was not necessarily a smart move on the "ancient wise ones".

This from The Economist in 2012

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Re: correct me if i'm wrong but...

I am a little late to this discussion but  freedom...... gave accurate and good info.

Ralphtellusbiz,    You have never paid 70% tax.  The top tax rate of 70% was a sham at best by politicians who wanted to bait the class envy.  Anyone making income that high can certainly avoid taxation with most of their realized income.  It is the tax code and most voters don't read it or understand it.  When corporate tax levels are over 25% we are promoting foreign investment and that is how it was in clintons time.  Encouraging companies to leave through tax code and advertising what the voters want to hear ----70% taxes on rich individual earnings..... on an income group that makes most of their income from investment earnings which are not taxes at that rate.  The old political slight of hand.   Those who use the most resources are either in china or here in the midwest praying to china.


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