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Mike central IA
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Re: could 2013 be worse than 2012 in terms of soya.............

I think your radar maps are misleading. A large system went over us overnight, and we barely got the bottom of the rain gauge wet. I, too, am tired of arguing with idiots. There might be some corn here, but it will be much less than last year, and of poor quality. It will probably require a lot more of it for the same feed energy. The beans are going to be very disappointing. I know it is only my back door, but you can't deny the importance of all of the "I" states to reach the yield goals. There are even a number of the chronic bears on here stating there are problems. That should also be an indicator.
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Re: could 2013 be worse than 2012 in terms of soya.............

My corn is on track.. Denting or starting to. I will make at least 90% yield this year if a frost hits on the 18th... If heat keeps on, we wI'll have super corn... But my spring wasnt as tough as your guys...

I do worry bout 1/8 of my Soys though... However, these storms keep bringing us heat and humidity. May not be great for ultra ealry wheat seeding.

Beach sand is soakin wet at the moment!!

Any over saturated bean field may end up surprising people... Can't see standing water under canopy
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