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crop development/early frost

How susceptible is this years corn crop to an early frost ?  


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Re: crop development/early frost

There was some replanting of corn and beans in some areas, as I look at the forecast long range into September there`s some 37`s.  That cooler forecast isn`t going to bail any immature crops out as other years of late planting.   If the forecast is 37, there will be frosts and a full moon September 6th....thanks for scaring the bejeebers out of me.   Smiley Happy   Glad I planted 1.8 beans and 100 day corn on time.

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Re: crop development/early frost

Corn maturity up here [West Cent. Wi.] is lagging behind by 7 to 10 frost anytime before Oct. 1 probably will be a problem. Avg. killing frost in this area about Sept. 25.. Also a lot of late planted corn for silage not even close to tasseling......silage tonnage will be lower taking more acres to fill the bunkers.