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this section of agriculture sure does bring out the worst in people

as i stated earlier been looking for a while but never posted and sure i started a hot topic but you all treated me with respect thanks

but some of the school yard bully stuff on here,well it put me off

ray who seems a civil intelligent tolerant man got castigated below just stupid childish stuff

i treat people on the internet the same as real life

some of you guys must be bar room brawleers in your youth


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Re: disrespectful

I'm guessing that the nastiest trolls were probably the ones getting picked on by the bullies.

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Re: disrespectful

You know what i find disrespectful

Freaking ignorant runts trying to stir the pot and make up some moronic post and they cant even get it right

You might wanna re-read who threw stones first

And i quote

"MT.....I am asking YOUR location

or are you totally incapable of giving a straight answer..."

Why in the hell would i give anyone the time of day after that................especially someone looking for info......


Re: disrespectful

So are you a liberal nox?  Tell you what, I will buy us tickets to a Tiger baseball game in Detroit. On the way there we will tour what used to be a great city. And we will see the results of multiple years of liberal leadership. It aint pretty.

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Re: disrespectful

That is a pretty simple explanation for a city with many reasons for its problems.


If only the answer to everything could be that simple then we would be able to solve all our problems. And yes even Detroit IF that was the only reason.

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Re: disrespectful

I'm pretty much in the same place I was 40 years ago when I was VP of the College Republicans.


Slowly, then quickly, everybody ran off to the right.


Toward a cliff, I hope.

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Re: disrespectful

Hardwheat, you better develop a tougher skin.  If you want a massage, then go to a massage parlour.  Or another talk section.  The marketing section is the bulls & the bears.


You should know what that means...


What you read below was very "tame" compared to some of the threads.

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Re: disrespectful

seemingly im a ignorant runt hmm reckon im out of here

was a brief but good cheers guys enjoy your bickering

i even put a face to the poster email is in profile but as mentioned ive not got tough enough hide

ah well it is a american only site basically and yep im out of my depth

cheers from down under


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Re: disrespectful

You know what i find even more disrespectful

Someone that knowingly and intentionally post a thread that is targeted as a stir the pot moment......

Totally screws it up and is incompetent.......

Is then called out on it........

Completely ignores being called on it......

And then cowards and sulks......

You sure you are not from DC with a last name thats starts with o and ends with bama
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Re: disrespectful

A certain amount of posturing, bravado, sarcasm and irony is part of the American scene - though I will agree that it often DOES get in the way of discussiojn leading to an efficient transfer of knowledge and experiences. Yes, I do think that some of this is overdone, part of the media extremism influence and definitely reflects the degrading of modern American political process and it is very much calculated.


I could go on but, the most beneficial response to the above is to ignore it and continue to share and experess your POV. There are still many on here that would apperciate an exchange of ideas with somebody who has a different experience and POV. There is no need to sweat it. Just carry on.

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