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Well haven't had much moisture for a
while...70's today the down in the teens
In a few days
And no moisture.
More and more talk of winterkill.
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Re: drought

Seems to be a world wide problem in wheat growing areas


Might be a reason wheat was the only green thing on the screens Friday

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Re: drought

Hey clearly you are mistaken, cheapo. I thought all them southern boys were gonna graze out their wheat??? We're shipping all the milo/sorghum to china and they can't eat snowbanks. The corn pile might just disappear.

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Re: drought

And in Ontario it has been too much moisture which led to problems getting soys off and then planting wheat.

Planted area is down by ??? but estimates run from as little as 50% planted to maybe as much as 80% but not as much as people wanted to plant or planted in past years.


Then the question will be how much winterkills from the poor start and planting conditions.

Winter kill was high last year because of our winter weather late planted did not do well and this year a lot of waht did get planted is late.

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Re: drought

The few neighbors that I've got grazing some wheat took their cattle off about a week into the grazing.  Said they were pulling it out of the ground instead of clipping it off.  I thought the bulk of the drought was behind us, we just cannot shake this thing.

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Russia is setting up grain export tariffs .....

...... and yup, you heard right. Be in place for 2015.


Two things. Their wheat is in danger of winter kill. 2nd, since banning meat imports from the west they have to feed bigger herds of animals for domestic consumption. Once this is accomplished - if it is - then their exports will permanently drop. This has been foretold for a number of years but Putin forced the issue. Just how fat the hogs and poultry will get on wheat is hard to say, though barley is probably better. Meanwhile their meat is higher priced.

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