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e.bola......its here

Sounds like one in Texas

But he was sick a few day after he arrived
Then went to e.r. then released..

Then critical 2 days later in icu in critical

We have dropped the ball.
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Re: e.bola......its here

I have a friend that is a doctor and he can't believe they let anyone affected with the virus into the states. We were talking about this in August. Could turn out to be a sad deal. Black Swan for the grains and meats.

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Re: e.bola......its here

Really!! Black Swan.  Everyone is going to die from ebola so no one will be around to eat food.  Lord Almighty, someone must be short something.  If the market moves on something like this is really is an F'd up system that needs to be torn to the ground, flamed and rebuilt.

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Re: e.bola......its here

Didn't see the word die anywhere in my post proofread it to (words inserted) but I will say if it gains traction there won't be near as many feet running around to buy our product. Esp meats. Good day

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Re: e.bola......its here

Looking at the C M E and $2 higher cattle some one is figuring on eating meet ---

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Re: e.bola......its here

After watching CNN 1 hour special, basicly
To calm things down, I'm actually even
More uptight.
I understand a few things they never addressed. In an effort to not get thing
Stirred up, I will not air my concerns on
Some very basic and fundamental details
That were not addressed.
It was interesting how one panelist said it
Was not a very Hardy virus, while another
One said that the virus could live up to
7 days in the body fluids. That is why
So many people have died, washing and
Prepairing the bodies for traditional burial.

Then to see how this person traveled around.
they kept going on, you can't spread
The disease unless you have a symptom,
They give a list of symptoms, one of which
Is a fever. Several days ago when at the
Er, he had a fever.....thus he was able
to communicate the all the
People in the er waiting room, the er room
He was in and the er staff.
All were exposed. CDC has had FAA release
Records with everyone who was on the
Same patient#1. You are now to monitor
Yourself for 21 days

I hope and pray nothing develops in
21 days...but if it does.......

I don't want to talk about it
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