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electronic trading

How long before trading in the commodities becomes the same as trading in stocks..


currently you can buy and sell stocks via trading platforms like E-trade or TD Ameritrade where the stock owner without consultation with a broker can buy or sell stocks with the stroke of the enter button on their home computer..


currently on the CME one must call a broker the order... wait for it to be placed/taken ... and called back to confirm the order


when will i be able to purchase or sell puts/calls or futures contracts from my desk much the same as the stocks i buy or sell now...

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Re: electronic trading

I trade commodities electronically without speaking with anyone at two prominent brokers, one of which you cited. They even provide me with electronic charts and analytic tools which are as good as packages that I used to pay over $500 per month to use. Contact the sales desks at the two brokers you cited, and they should be able to set you up for equities and commodity futures at very attractive commission rates with the analytics thrown into the package at no additional charge.

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