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Re: explain it to me

Vessels are already on their way
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Re: explain it to me

This is alot like it is in Washington. It used
To be they understood they had to do something that was workable for all. They
would holler and yell, point fingers, but
They known all along they would need to
Meet in the middle and work it
they don't, they rather point fingers who's
"More right"....and all the time we sink deeper
In the mud. One person I know who has
Contacts says this is the worst he has ever seen it.

Same in Chicago....the older traders had enough brains to know you make money,
But you don't kill the golden goose, today
Its just get as much as you can, no matter
Who it hurts or how much.

I've seen a number of posts here where it
Is a cheap food policy.
The real pushers of this is not the gov boys
But the trade.
One of my contacts told me the trade does not want to see higher prices because it
Means higher margins, and dollar for
Dollar invested, their rates of returns are less when prices are high. They would rather
See them lower.

Seems that could be a Tad illegal, but cost
An arm and a leg to prove.
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Re: explain it to me

Heres the deal elcheapo - Have you heard or seen any numbers coming out of the Southern states on beans ? From what I heard there are BIG - even AK - Read where a few are cutting 100 bpa - in plots- yes I know it was a plot - BUT the field averages are pretty dang good - The market is just sitting back - waiting  for the combines to start  in the mid west - then here comes 8 dollar beans , The frost just did not cover a big enough area - and get cold enough = a non event -- unless you are the one that had the beans get it , same with corn - just wait till IL and IN start up hard in a few weeks - won't be surprized to see the first number in corn price start with a 2 -- just like the old days .

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Re: explain it to me

Hi Jameshh1964

Are you buying Canadian organic in S.W Ontario [corn & beans??]

Have farm storage bins and trucks

Just asking

Grandson needs something to do or he will find the farm a tough place to feed a family

If it ever gets to that

Of course it is his call

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Re: explain it to me

Now - there's global warming in action. Last year it was the crops in Maryland that put us over the top, and now ECIN is reporting bean crops in Alaska of all places, topping 100 bpa. Incredible. What next?

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