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feedyard Talk. 2/26. 2:03 am

Now we are into the real enjoyment part of better commodity prices... solid sales happening we all get to enjoy some profit and some doubt... getting comfortable for the weekend...  Specks selling --middlemen selling--farmers selling.  when it is not just specs we get bigger moves and corrections... the roller coaster trade range.  where us small scale traders live.

Week ending has begun

tonite      Corn. -6.      beans.   -14.   HRW.    -7.5.  cotton. -6 for the last two sessions

Contrary excitement seems to be in         Feeder cattle.  +0.325.  at  145.075. close to the high side of its trading range lately.      Scrap Iron and metals --- let the markets settle while you spruce up the place by moving a load of iron to your local handy Metalurgest,   Oh and coffee is up tonite by +2.86.  Still pretty cheap in the traditional large volumes  Still time to invest in "another cup of coffee and lets have another piece of pie"(an old 1930's song no one can remember)..... If your buying it by the sip with chocolate and mint and sprinkles it is way more than you can afford so stop that borrowing student loans for buying high dollar coffee........Seattles best now plays for some other team.

My Grandson and I have been concentrating on another commodity that seems to have an addictive side effect......

Sunflower seeds ( this week Dill pickle).  our " fun on the way to preschool project".  We have a used styrofoam cup we deposit our used seeds in and its my job to preserve the "cup" day to day.  Hoss eats em one at a time as mother instructs(so he won't choke)....... good advice since she knows she isn't gonna stop our dance with lightly addictive substances.   

Today we only had one bag and he had it in the back seat.  (strapped in and safe). The"cup" went back to the holder in front of him in the middle buckle.   The call came... "grandpa here" .... my hand extended back like a Doc waiting for a scalpel.  Flower seed dropped and I brought it forward.   4 seeds in the cup and 5 miles gone ......I begged for more seeds than just one.  I felt the sprinkle of a few hit my hand and pulled them in.   Hoss says "dropped one Grandpa"..... If its on the dirty floor just let it go.  Hoss "It fell in the cup...I'll get it"..............(cup has been in use for months...the Route 44 is about 3/4 full of mostly wet when not frozen seed shells, gum, and other things that we didn't like).......He calls.....And I reach back blindly I felt the soggy little seed hit my hand.  Reaching forward I catch the cold stare of his grandmother riding shotgun......................Hid  that soggy little seed between two fingers all the way to school  where grandma spoke for the first time ,,,,"you stay in the truck"..... and I herd her get out and help Hoss down the sidewalk saying "where's that little bottle of hand sanitizer your mom put in your backpack?"   

Its nice when she doesn't interrupt our fun...............

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Re: feedyard Talk. 2/26. 2:03 am

I'm  thinking  Baxter Black  competition,  has  been  discovered Smiley LOL 

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