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feedyard Talk. 3/3/21. 10:30 pm

quick look

Corn --trying to be positive in a negative neighborhood. tonite we are.    +2. @. 5.372

Beans ........ +5     @ 14.12

Wheat.......  +3.4.     @ 6.294


Cattle    live chubby's -------- even at.  119.4

Feeders (wondering where the wheat went).      +0.82.     @  141.30.    Still range bound at the lower side buyable with a close eye on feed costs.


Cotton -0.48.  @       87.97.   bounced off the mid 90's twice now.......... and needs all the price possible to hold onto acres....         and maybe a marketing structure that pays producers something in the range of the futures prices....  can't hold on to acres with crop in limbo waiting for a buyer to show up.   China is doing their part ..... the middle men are obnoxious in this commodity.   This commodity is fun to watch and totally unhedgable compared to grains.  Somebody help me recover some optimism on cotton.  These prices should be exciting.


Grains I am gonna watch the ranges and hopefully watch them establish support, give me a chance to short term trade for coffee money while the economy continues to go underground and separate from DC's comic book world.

In an attempt to use the word a friend taught me, -------- If you've got a couple billion devaluing dollars, it is starting to look like bitcoin finally makes sense to invest that pot of gold and watch it sublimate into thin air.

The dollar continues to look like wheat in the financial markets....... not worth much but probably not going to go away.......(like gasoline and coal).  Smiley Happy



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Re: feedyard Talk. 3/3/21. 10:30 pm

Seen   a  couple  of   noted  investors  from  Omaha ,  mention  Bit-sumputhum  currency ,  liken  to  rat  poison -  no  offence  to  the  '' Rodentia ''  species  -  -  -

Coin =  small  round  piece  of  metal ,  hmmm ---

Cubby  diets  costing  $1.15+  /  lb  cost  of  gain ,  +  $1.40 cwt.  replacement cost( eye's closed) ,   =   $1.19  ?  in  the  real  world  ,  (  fundamentals Smiley LOL)  star  wars  saga  -  -  -

Hoping  for  export  business  in  various  market  venues , can  be  as  trying , as  running  a   car  wash  in  Austin Texas  on Febr. 15th  2021  - although  Brazil  is  exporting  record  amounts  of  beef,  hear  tell  - - -    

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Re: feedyard Talk. 3/3/21. 10:30 pm

I'm  trying  to  decide  on  a  paid  subscription  to  an  EXERSIZE   deal,  inve$tment ,  OR  a  ticket  on  a  $pace  X  flite - to  view  crop ,  growing   conditions - ? 

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